From Urging Pakistanis To Wear A Mask To “Ghabrana Nahi Hai,” PM Khan Discusses Critical Topics During Live Call Session

PM live call session/PM Imran victim blaming
Image Source: YouTube

PM Imran Khan interacted with the public the third time during a live call session. In this session, he addressed the nation’s concerns that were largely focused on tackling inflation, the third wave of the deadly virus, and the rising cases of obscenity.

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Before formally starting off with the telethon, he urged Pakistanis to keep their masks on while going out in public. He stressed upon how it is extremely important to follow the SOPS (standard operating procedures), and how this is the most crucial way of keeping COVID-19 at bay.

“Since God saved us from a very difficult time, no one is abiding by the COVID protocols,” the premier said.

He added, “We’re trying to curb the spread of the virus by imposing smart lockdowns, and not enforcing a complete lockdown.” If this gets out of control, it is going to be dangerous.”

Stressing upon the need to actively stop the virus from spreading, PM Khan said, “No one knows how long the third wave will last and it’s important to be careful.”

“This is the easiest SOP to follow. Wherever you go, mosques, public transport, classrooms, wear a mask.”


PM repeats his popular phrase, “Ghabrana Nahi Hai,” once again!

Moving on with the live call session, PM Imran answered a question from a caller named Ambreen, whose major concern was the rising inflation amidst the appreciation of the rupee against the dollar.

She talked about how managing finances is getting difficult by the day, and families who have a single breadwinner are having a tough time. Ambreen questioned the premier on fulfilling his promises of a Naya Pakistan, or let the nation panic a little (ghabrane ki ijazat de dein).

With a smirk on his face, Khan told her how the running government is trying its best to deal with inflation.

“Ambreen, you need not panic (ghabrana nahi hai) because the government is working towards solving this problem,” he said.

During the telethon, PM Imran also spoke of the ruling government’s efforts to tackle the rising corruption, the increasing cases of obscenity in our society and the reforms in the health and education sector.

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