Here’s What Inspired Award-winning, Pakistani, Aqsa Ajmal To Design ‘Pursewit’— A Sewing Machine For The Visually-Impaired!

Aqsa Ajmal Pursewit
Image Source: The Scooop

Aqsa Ajmal, an industrial design graduate from the NUST School of Art, Design & Architecture (SADA) is the first Pakistani to have designed ‘Pursewit,’ which is a sewing machine for the visually-impaired.

Image Source: Tribune

Not only has Ajmal served a noble cause with her project, but she also made Pakistan proud by winning the prestigious Lexus Design Award in Milan, Italy.

Aqsa Ajmal
Image Source: The Hindu

Ajmal was one of the six finalists selected by Lexus. She bagged this award from a record-setting 2042 entries from around 79 countries – whoa!

Lexus design award, Aqsa Ajmal
Image Source: Tribune

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After receiving praise and recognition for the achievement, the industrial designer explained that she saw one of her friends lose her eyesight and so, the tragedy inspired her to bring the project (Pursewit) to life.

“It was very difficult for my friend to come to terms with how she couldn’t continue her education anymore. Special education and equipment such as braille in Pakistan are quite expensive,” Ajmal told during an interview with a news channel.

She further explained:

“I wanted to make her feel valued, and that inspired me to create a concept which could help generate employment opportunities for her and individuals like her.”

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Aqsa Ajmal, who deserves all the appreciation and recognition for her remarkable work in creating Pursewit, enlightened about her journey to the Lexus Design Awards during an interview with one of the leading publications.

“After my graduation, I went to Egypt for an internship. After I returned, I learned about Lexus Design Award and applied for it. Lexus reported its six finalists in December, and from a record-setting gathering, I was among them. Following this, I got an opportunity to go to a restrictive mentorship program in New York from elite architects”.

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