OMG, The Netizens Have Found A Shoaib Akhtar Female Lookalike!

Shoaib Akhtar female lookalike
Image Source: ProPakistani

Day in and day out internet users have found celebrity lookalikes and that isn’t something unusual either, but what is interesting this time around is that they have found a female lookalike for Shoaib Akhtar, haha.

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Netizens believe the former cricketer bears a striking resemblance to the Indian Tik Toker, Vinita Khilnani — who usually posts humorous videos on Instagram and Tik Tok.

The Tik Toker recently posted a series of videos in which she gave a hilarious spin on how desi parents used to take pictures in their times.

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The series is gaining traction as internet users point out how she looks similar to Akhtar.

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The comments got so incessant and crazy that it compelled Ms. Khilnani to take notice of it. From posting Instagram story to making a separate post, the Indian Tik Toker has asked her followers if she actually looks similar to the Pakistani cricketer.

“So everyone is saying I look like this man? @imshoaibakhtar – what do you think? 😂”

LOL, what’s cool about this whole thing is that she’s so chill about the whole comparison thing that she even posted a video twinning with the fast-bowler.

Haha, you go, girl-Shoaib Akhtar female lookalike!

What do you think, does she actually look similar to Shoaib Akhtar? Let us know in the comments.