Not Just You But Zakir Khan Is Also An Irfan Junejo Fan & OMG!

irfan junejo zakir khan
Source: The Express Tribune

The lockdown situation around the world has bridged the gap between artists who are making appearances on each other’s Insta lives and other social media handles.

Celebrities in the sub-continent have been reigning the hearts in this regard, despite political tensions between the two countries.

This time around it’s Irfan Junejo and Zakir Khan who have us all going crazy with their Insta Live session.

The Pakistani YouTuber held a live session on his Instagram where he was joined by Indian stand-up comedian Zakir Khan.

The Pakistani YouTuber was clearly awe-struck as he just sat there silently once the Indian comedian made an appearance.

“My day has been made. Zakir bhai please talk I am listening,” said the starstruck Junejo.

Zakir Khan told he was introduced to the Pakistani vlogger’s content by his younger brother. He also shared how people in India including some of his family members were fans and followers of Junejo.

Junejo also talked about how Zakir’s podcasts had influenced him, requesting the comedian to do the series once more.

Khan concluded by telling the vlogger that he had watched his last video about quitting vlogging. He said, “I look forward to whatever you do next.”

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And if you need more proof of how big of a Zakir Khan fan Irfan Junejo is and vice versa, we’ll let these tweets do the talking!

This session was a welcome break from the all out hate that’s been doing rounds between India and Pakistan and goes veeeeeeeeerrrrrrry far to prove that at the end of the day, we’re all just suckers for good content irrespective of where it’s coming from!

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