No Mr Qasim, The Ultimate Role In A Woman’s Life Is Not Limited To Being A Wife Or A Mother

qasim ali shah
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The patriarchal mindset in desi society never disappoints with their unforgivably cringeworthy statements about what women should be doing with their lives.

Today, we’ve “motivational speaker” Qasim Ali Shah telling women that the principal goal in a woman’s life is to be a good wife and a mother.


Wait there’s more!

He went on to protest that the schools are not doing anything to teach the girls about “their ultimate goal of becoming a wife or a mother.”


In his own word, “Go to schools where our daughters are studying and till matric, they are not taught how to be good wives, even though in a woman’s life, the ultimate goal is to be a good wife and a good mother.”

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Netizens are losing their minds after the clip surfaced and think Qasim Ali Shah needs more schooling than the girls he’s worried about!

How about the lessons of humanity for everybody irrespective of who they are and what they want to be?

Just in case we missed, is this what you were being taught in school, Mr Qasim?

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How about you learn that women are more than just wives and mothers!

And even if you’re that much worried about people’s married life, it’d have been great to hear about how you try to be an “acha shohar.”

Don’t you think a woman knows better about what her ultimate goal is to be?

With such a huge following, it’s disturbing to think what sort of message ha has been giving to his followers.

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