A Man Harassed A Burka Clad Woman On The Road & Then THIS Happened!

man harassing woman
via Twitter

If you’re a woman living in Pakistan then you know the struggle of dealing with the men on street harassing, eve teasing and catcalling and easily getting away with it. But guess things are about to change!

Recently, a netizen posted a video of a man harassing a woman on the street who was then called out and exposed by other people who witnessed the incident.

The woman was clad in a burka so please next time just please don’t bring-up a woman’s attire because it has nothing to do with the behavior of vile men.

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You see why you need to teach boys how to behave instead of telling girls “not to go out” and all that BS!

Did you see the look on his face when confronted? Yeah, that’s how hard the fear of being exposed hits them!


Whenever you see a man harassing a woman, name and shame them right then and there!

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Good job man! Keep exposing these felons!

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