Even If Nida Yasir’s F1 Video Is 5 Years Old, We Still Have Fresh Jokes To Laugh At

Nida Yasir memes
Image Source: SAMAA/Twitter

An old video of our very own, Good Morning Pakistan show host, Nida Yasir, resurfaced on social media after five years, and the absurdity of it compelled netizens to make jokes on it.

Before we head over to the laugh-out-loud content, let’s quickly recap what exactly happened that led to this reaction.

In 2016, the show host had invited two students from the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) Abdul Aleem and Mohammad Shariq War to her show for an interview after they made an electric Formula 1 racing car for the Formula Student in the US.

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It, however, seemed that Yasir had done no prior research about the biggest racing competition and sounded clueless about ‘Formula 1’, as she went on to ask a series of bizarre questions from her guests. In the video, she is seen asking, “Why don’t you have a three-person car?”


Well, how could netizens let this slip by so easily, especially when the person in the conversation is notorious for giving out dumb statements like these. Uhm, they definitely had a lot to say.

Lol, this one question is the highlight of the video.

Some just couldn’t take it.

Hahaha, people taking digs at her left, right and center.

One of the users prompted others to look at the brighter side.


Yes, seriously, props to them!



That’s true though!

Someone out there defended the lapse on her behalf.

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