Naila Shamal Lights Up The Internet With Her Unusual Demand For Haq Mehr & Atta Girl!

Naila Shamal
Image Source: Twitter

Naila Shamal has become the newest internet sensation, and that, too, for all the right reasons! Ms. Shamal, who is a writer from Mardan city of KP, Pakistan, broke stereotypes when she demanded books worth Rs. 100,000 in Haq Mehr.


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During an interview on her wedding day, the Mardan bride asserted that as a writer she wants to set an example for the country men and women. If writers like us won’t display our love and importance for books, how can we expect it from ordinary citizens, she added.


In an attempt to be an inspiration for others to follow, Shamal wants to put an end to the age-old customs of demanding luxury items like property and cars, etc., in Haq Mehr. She pointed out during her message that inflation already made lives difficult, so about time, we stop putting forward such burdening demands…

Naila Shamal, the Mardan bride furthered:

“Inflation hinders us from buying such precious things. Every woman demands money and gold. But I demanded books because I am a writer and I want that we all should give maximum importance to the books.”


Some quick trivia before we go on heaping Shamal with praises. Haq Mehr is obligatory gift money awarded to the wife by the husband at the time of marriage. The money/gift is solely hers, which is a due right given to women by Islam.

It is absolutely heartening to see women breaking stereotypes and doing the unusual!

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According to media reports, the writer from KP has a Ph.D. degree in Pashto and is also married to a Ph.D. professor.

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