Do You Think You Have A Big Enough Brain To Pass This True/False Quiz

True/False Quiz
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Get your quiz game ready because this True/False Quiz will reveal if your have a huge brain or not. Find out NOW!!! Good Luck.

Coffee is made from berries.

Roasted Coffee Beans Wikipedia
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Drinking warm milk induces sleep.

Milk Green Queen
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Basketball is the only major sport completely American in origin.

Basketball The New York Times
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"Magma" is the scientific name for lava.

Lava National Geographic Society
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Skin is the human body's smallest organ.

Human Skin Southwest Illinois News
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The earth is the fourth planet from the sun.

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Chewing gum can boost your concentration.

Chewing Gum Eater
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Laughing 100 times provides the equivalent of 15 minutes of exercise on a stationary bike.

Stationary Bike Healthline
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Facebook was found on Valentine's Day

Facebook Valentine's Day NewsFeed
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Thomas Edison discovered gravity.

Gravity ScienceBuzz
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Do You Think You Have A Big Enough Brain To Pass This True/False Quiz

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