28 Conflicting Thoughts That Crossed My Mind While Watching The Interview Of Zoobia Meer & Her Mother

son beating mother zoobia meer mother
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I came across an interview of Zoobia Meer and her mother and here are 28 thoughts that crossed my mind while watching it!

1. What the f*ck!!!! This (the guy hitting his mother) has happened four times?! The boy has got some real mental issues!

2. What is with this behavior of mothers putting the blame on bahus after their sons do something wrong?!

3. The way she says, “(nasha) kerta hi hoga;” I guess she kind of has an idea that he is involved in drugs.

4. Konsi aurat hy…. can we talk about your son?

5. Yeah, it sounds fair to settle the issue in court than ranting on social media.

6. When Zoobia says, “Koi bhai apni behn per hath na uthaye,” hits a major chord. We, the privileged don’t really understand how deeply rooted the issue is in our society…

*Now the interview starts properly*

7. Aunty, the interviewer asked about why your SON did this to you not your bahu!

8. But the tirade against the bahu goes on and on.

9. Doesn’t your son have his own brain to make decisions for himself? Bus bahu ny kaha tou itna kaka tha ke maa ko marna shuru kar diya?

10. Okay now, this is really problematic. If her brother is differently-abled or has a medical condition that does not mean you casually go around saying “abnormality iss main boht hy.”

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11. When will you get to your son, ma’am?

12. Now, what’s the point of bringing your bahu’s sister?

13. “Iss ka background ghalat khandaan sa hy,” typical dialogue you get to hear after a saas bahu fight…major uuufff moment!

14. Yeah, how can she move on without abusing her bahu’s mother?!

15. Aunty… APKA BETAAAA???

16. Now we know that her bahu’s father is unemployed but still irrelevant.

17. Thank you Omer for interrupting and bringing her attention back to the video!

18. “Biwi kay kehnay pe,” please move on!

19. Oh, she’s a business lady!

20. You just said that the maid just left but complain that the bahu doesn’t work and your daughter does all of it. Then what did the maid do who had just left the house?

21. Again bahu.

22. Ummm what problem does she have with your daughter?

23. I’m a little lost here! What point is she trynna make here?!

24. Why is going to her mother’s house a problem?

25. We’re not gonna get anything about her son in this interview, are we?!

26. Yeah makes sense, they should get their medical done too.

27. Aunty jee take note! Your daughter is saying, “Bhai wesy hi badtameez tha.” So, it makes me believe he had the same attitude before getting married too, no?

28. Oh…we’re back to calling names and abusing the bahu? Uh…okay…

Now that the interview is over – *phew* – let’s get one thing straight: under NO circumstances a child hitting their parents is okay. And I mean NO WAY!


BUT – and yes this interview demands a “but” – I do wish mothers would stop conveniently placing the entire burden of the blame on their bahus, not once having the moral courage to acknowledge that their sons are grown a** men who should have the basic decency to understand that parents are not punching bags.

Here’s the full interview if you want to watch it for yourself to understand what I meant.

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