If You Get 7/10 On This Random General Knowledge Quiz, You’re A Genius

zindagi gulzar hy random knowledge quiz
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Take this quiz and answer these ten simple questions to find out how much of a random knowledge do you have!

Which actor managed to get themselves temporarily banned from Facebook?

humayun saeed sastay jugaars
hamza ali abbasi
saba qamar video relationship
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NEPRA stands for?

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Which of the following is the heaviest animal in the world?

Large African Elephant - Bull in water
blue whale
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Who is the author of Harry Potter?

Harry Potter
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Which two elements are by far the most abundant elements found in the Sun?

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How many feet are in a mile?

measuring distance
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What year was Y2K?

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Which of these names is not the name of a country?

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What are the five colors of the Olympic rings?

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Which British mathematician was famous for his 3 laws of motion?

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If You Get 7/10 On This Random General Knowledge Quiz, You're A Genius

You're a true genius who loves to keep a track of things happening around!

You love to catch up on things and that's a good habit!

You're the person who barely studies for exams and then forgets all the stuff the next morning!

You are not fond of storing random knowledge in your head because that's what is google for!

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