Muslim Pro Users’ Data Controversy: Here’s Everything That You Need To Know

Muslim Pro
Source: Middle East Eye

Motherboard, a local US magazine in an investigation found out that Muslim Pro- a Muslim Prayer and Quran App was selling its users data to X-Mode- a location data firm that sold users information to the U.S. Military.

The Muslim Prayer App has been downloaded more than 98 million times across the globe on Google Play Store- a digital distribution service operated by Google. Muslim Pro is a widely popular application used for clocking prayer timings, keeping a track of fasts during Ramadan, for reading Quran, Ahadith and many other prayers that are available on the app.

Primary requirement for getting started on the app is to give away your location details by. turning on the GPS.

The Data Conspiracy

A platform with Vice Media, Motherboard revealed that US military is buying users’ data from seemingly harmless sites like the Muslim Pro and some others that include a Muslim Dating App and a famous app on the Craigslist.

According to investigations, the Quranic Prayer App sold its users’ location data to X-Mode that sold the data to a third party contractor, which then sold the data to the US military.

Muslim Prayer App Under Fire

The local magazine published an extensive report on data infringement, a hugh public outcry followed after. Users called out the company for their activities; and commanding people in their circle to delete the app.

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Muslim Pro severs ties with the tech firm X-Mode

A London-based media outlet reported that Muslim Pro cut ties with the tech firm X-Mode, after Vice reported that it was selling users’ data to the US Military.

The US military personnel reportedly responded to the news saying that users’ data was used for counterterrorism and counterinsurgency purposes; and added that they strictly adhere to registered policies for protecting civilians’ rights.

Muslim Pro Stops Sharing Location Data

In a recent establishment, Vice shared that Muslim Prayer App will no longer share data with the tech firm. They wrote and we quote:

In respect of the trust millions of prayers puts in Muslim Pro every day, we are immediately terminating our relationships with our data partners‚ÄĒincluding with X-Mode, which started four weeks ago. We will continue to take all necessary measures to ensure that our users practice their faith with peace of mind, which remains Muslim Pro‚Äôs sole mission since its creation,

So much has happened in the past two days, but this swift action is telling of the company’s policy for respecting their users’ data and right to privacy.

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