People Aren’t Ready For This Desi Money Heist Rip Off By The Name Of “50 Crore”

money heist pakistan
Source: Newsboxpk

Pakistani film industry is slowly paving its way back to cinema since the prolonged silence due to Covid-19 pandemic. Among the trailers of some soon to release movies was the first look of “50 Crore”. Truth be told, the first look does indeed look fishy. Not our words but the Pakistanis think so.

Characters wearing red jumper suits in the first look and mugshots with names of characters after different cities makes it seem like a Money Heist rip-off is in the making in Pakistan.

Ahhh… the season 5 no one needs at all!

What even? Like they didn’t even bother changing the color of their jumpers!

“50 Crores” to the waste…

It’s like investing in new iphone lekin China wala.

Dude, seriously? Did all the creativity get lost somewhere all this time?

At least, they should’ve tried to be a lil creative with the characters!

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100% makes sense!

The disappointment is real!

Argh would be a great relief, honestly!

Here is my personal take on “50 Crore”, it might not be a rip-off (let me be super supportive because at least we’re seeing something different) of Money Heist but it could be an inspiration of Hollywood productions. We obviously love a good crime drama or story. So, the director and producers could be spicing up things for movie lovers by creating something internally which could be equally good? I mean, there is a big possibility, isn’t it?

With that said, let’s wait for the official trailer to release so we can have a better idea about what’s going on!

What’s your take on the first look of 50 Crore or Money Heist Pakistan? Share your views in the comments.