Mohsin Abbas Haider & Fatema Sohail Controversy: Will Someone End The Filthy Trend Of Leaking Videos?

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Source: Newsbox

Fatima Sohail, ex-wife of Mohsin Abbas Haider, has fallen victim to invasion of privacy months after she parted her way from ex-husband Mohsin Abbas Haider. Their separation was followed by allegations of domestic abuse by Fatima.

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It is becoming a trend in Pakistan to leak the videos of celebrities involved in a controversy. We have seen three such examples of privacy breach in the past month involving Rabi Pirzada, Shaheen Afridi and Samra Chaudhry.

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This criminality needs to be stopped right away with a retribution for culprits behind these leaked videos.

After private video of Fatima went viral, some people pointed fingers at her ex-husband.

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People are blaming Mohsin Abbas of this heinous crime considering the backlash against his upcoming release on Patari.

There is also a word that the girl in the viral video is not Fatima and it’s just being spread using her name.

It is not of significance here that who is in the video. What matters the most is that who is the identity of the heinous criminal and why have authorities failed to take any action when we already had 3 reported cases.

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