Memes Are In Order As Hareem Shah Marries Anonymous PPP Leader

Hareem Shah marries PPP leader
Image Source: Twitter

On Monday, the ever-famous, forever in the limelight Tik Toker, Hareem Shah announced that she got married to a PPP leader. Her alleged husband is still a mystery as Shah has kept his name under wraps.

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She, however, shared a picture of hers dressed to the nines in a red lehenga choli, and with it, she also posted a picture of her hand placed on top of her mysterious husband’s hand to make her claims believable.

Well, you know what, this made for a perfect meme-worthy plot, and no one does it better than Pakistanis, so let’s have a look at some of the best humor to come out of this situation.

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Pakistani Twitter dug out pictures of Jamaat-e-Islami’s Siraj ul Haq using a laptop, claiming he was busy searching up Shah’s anonymous husband.

Meanwhile, the Twittersphere was in an utter state of shock as they did not see this coming!

On the other hand, Hareem Shah was like:

Hareem Shah marries ppp leader memes
Image Source: Twitter

How could people not drag Sheikh Rasheed into anything minutely related to Hareem Shah?

Scenes of nazuk surat e haal in Sindh assembly!

Some Kasauti references were also made!

Oh well, Abdul Qavi got dragged in too, ‘cus why not?

Halaat changed for Sheikh Rasheed as soon as Shah dropped the marriage bomb!

Baat inke dil ko lagi!

Some of them are just salty!

This could be a possibility! 🤭

Congratulate Hareem Shah and the unnamed PPP leader in the comments down below!