Manu Bebo — A Kashmiri Trans Make-up Artist Is Breaking Barriers With Her Skills

Manu Bebo
Image Source: Instagram

Manu Bebo – who hails from Srinagar, Kashmir has beaten the odds to become an empowered makeup artist in the valley. From being bullied at school to getting tortured by family members, Bebo had to go through a hell lot of hardships because of her identification as the third-gender.

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Born as Manzoor, she started identifying as a girl at the age of thirteen. She felt there was something different about her that compelled her to dress up as a girl and also act like one.

“After my sister got married, I was feeling very lonely. I had many female friends and I started realizing that I too wanted to be a girl. I started to wonder why God didn’t make me a girl,” she said.

That is when people hurled expletives at her for being a misfit as they couldn’t handle what she was up to. She even had to discontinue her education because of the backlash. However, after some time she just got used to the criticism and stopped paying heed to it.

Taking all the negativity in her stride, Bebo decided to stand up for herself and not let the trolls destroy her life.

Manu had always been interested in makeup, and she has this ideology that if you find something enjoyable, then it is worth taking up as a profession. That is how she became a makeup artist. She is completely self-taught and has an Instagram page where she displays her skills through fun tutorials.

Manu Bebo has over 12 thousand followers on Instagram where she takes bridal makeup appointments and has put up some of her clients’ videos too.

Manu has an encouraging message for all the people of trans community who often give up in the face of adversities:

To all the transgenders out there or even those people who are forced to hide: be yourself, as life is too short to give weight to what people think. Whether you do good or bad, people will always have something negative to say. So just don’t pay attention to such people, and rise, like a boss.

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