Of Mufti Qavi, Women’s Clothing & The Hypocrisy Of The Ghairat Brigade

mufti qavi ghairat brigade
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Mufti Qavi, who is no stranger to controversy, made headlines for his notoriety once again while the ghairat brigade stayed all silent. On Tuesday night, he got back in the spotlight over a video in which he was busy doing some rather indecent acts. However, what’s surprising is that there was no outrage from the clergy community. Had it been a woman, matters would have been much worse, for sure.

mufti qavi
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Well, that’s not all, Pakistanis who almost always put the blame for earthquakes on women and their clothing, were embarrassingly mum throughout Mufti Aziz ur Rehman’s controversy, too.

Mufti Aziz ur Rehman
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Our countrymen, who are easily revolted by a woman’s bra strap or if her dupatta isn’t placed on her head had no issues with what their clerics were up to. There were two major scandals in a month: no dharnas, roadblocks, or malicious damage to public property was reported.

Fawad Chaudhry's comments after TLP's violent protests/Mufti Qavi
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Fatwas are issued against women on the minutest of things; slut-shaming is a routine for Pakistani men here and yet now, there is complete silence.

Now that muftis (of sorts) have been showing their kartoots not once has the so-called moral brigade called them out.

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They are sexually assaulting their students, exhibiting their genitals online and still the general public is yet to call them out.

Despite repeated pleas from women and supporting men, no one in a position of power has come out to their support. On the contrary, the Prime Minister of the country once again has given a sweeping comment regarding ‘women’s clothing tempting men into vulgarity,’ whereby completely disregarding the fact that he is a man of influence and his words hold immense power. By saying so, he put the onus of responsibility of not getting raped on women; validating the predators.

motorway incident lahore/Mufti Qavi
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Other than a few social media users, no one from the ghairat brigade came out to condemn Mufti Qavi for his salacious acts in the viral video, nor was there any brouhaha after Mufti Aziz ur Rehman’s sodomy came to light.

These indiscretions by the revered muftis have been coming out forever now and yet there has not been the same level of action (rather there’s been inaction) to curb and curtail the use of power that is being exercised by the black sheep within the cleric community of Pakistan.

silence of mullahs on mufti qavi scandal
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