Politics Aside, But Aamir Liaquat & Veena Malik’s Sexist Tweets About Maryam Nawaz Are Plain Distasteful

maryam nawaz
via Twitter / Samaa

Women in politics have always been subjected to sexist comments to bring them down, be it Fatima Jinnah, Benazir Bhutto or Maryam Nawaz.

With the rise in Maryam Nawaz’s prominence, an unfathomable amount of misogynistic and sexist comments have been directed her way – especially during the last couple of months.

Distasteful to the core, these snide statements speak volumes about the deep-rooted ill-faith that the “loud” segments of the society have against women in Pakistani politics.

And while we can write a whole dissertation on the amount of misogyny that has been directed towards Maryam Nawaz, we’ll keep this sample small and concise.

A quick glance at Aamir Liaquat Hussain and Veena Malik’s Twitter handles alone is enough to make a case in point.

1. Matlab, bhai aap kehna kia chahtay hain? Throwing in a random combination of sexist slurs do not an argument make!

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2. Just count all the names and abuses thrown at Maryam in this single tweet and then find the extremely offended woman in me a reason to calm down!

3. WTF! Aamir bhai, you need to get your head out of your a**.

And no, I didn’t mean that as a jibe. I do earnestly hope someday you will be able to do that.

4. And now, before you read any further, I request caution. What you’re about to subject your eyes and mind to is ten times filthier than what you-ve already read. The worst part? This time the misogyny is coming from a woman!

Why Veena? Why stoop so low?

5. Sickening to the stomach that the tweet has more name-calling than any form of constructive criticism.

6. Darling, with this one you weren’t just offensive to women but also to people struggling with mental health issues…

Do people not hear themselves?!

7. Isn’t that her personal choice Ms. Malik? Even if she did have the surgeries, how are they affecting you or the public?

Matlab kuch tou wazun lain apni bongioon mein!

I know this rant won’t suddenly change the ugly face of Pakistani politics but I needed to vent.


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