Lawyers Or Doctors, Who Is Responsible For The Deaths After Attack On PIC?

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Source: DailyMail

The Punjab Institute of Cardiology ( PIC ) was a house of terror on Wednesday as a horde of lawyers attacked the hospital in Lahore. The attack by the mob of lawyers left 12 dead and 25 injured, according to the head of the Young Doctor’s Association (YDA).

It all began when on 24th November some lawyers were allegedly beaten up by the doctors at PIC. The lawyers filed an FIR against the young doctors and had been protesting against the incident.

Wednesday’s attack transpired in the aftermath of a video that went viral on social media last night. In the video, a doctor poked fun at the protesting lawyers which aggravated the lawyers and they took to streets to protest against the doctors of PIC but the situation got out of hand really quick.

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The lawyers were not planning to sit out and protest peacefully, it appeared that they had planned all this beforehand to attack the premises. They shuttered the entry and exit points of the hospital and started throwing stones and bricks at the facade. They even damaged the cars parked outside and broke their windows.

These so called protectors of law ransacked the hospital wards and operation theaters. The hospital staff barely escaped the ongoing violence but the helpless patients were not so lucky.

Many of the patients were in critical condition and when the doctors fled the scene to save their lives, the patients were left to die, unattended.

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Among the dead was Ms. Samina, a mother of one child and a sister to six brothers, who died because oxygen mask was removed from her face by the lawyers, her brother has claimed.

The police took to the scene to settle down the disputes but they were met with a rainfall of stones and bricks by the lawyers. Police used tear gas and water cannons but to no effect. These black sheeps were there to destroy everything and were doing so successfully.

Source: PakistanToday

When the condition worsened, Punjab Information Minister, Fayyazaul Hassan Chohan reached the PIC to try and negotiate peace but the lawyers didn’t even spare him. They pushed him around, pulled his hair, ripped up his clothes and rained him with their fists.

Mr. Chohan has claimed that the lawyers were attempting to kidnap him and he will take all the necessary action against them, without any discrimination.

Source: PakistanToday

Many journalists were also attacked by the mob, including Dawn news reporter, Kinza Malik. She was left injured in this havoc and lost her phone.

Before PIC was attacked, a lawyer shared a live video in which he threatened the doctors and can be heard saying, ‘andar ghus k marein ge’ and ‘ye tmhari mout he doctors’ pointing to the massive horde of black coat wearing terrorists.

This video proves the fact that the lawyers were in no mood to peacefully protest. They came there to spread terror and simply ‘f**k shit up’, which they did.

Many involved have been arrested, 40 according to Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari. But as it happens in this country, we won’t be surprised if they will be released on bail tomorrow and the matter will be put to bed. The Chief Minister of Punjab and Prime Minister has taken notice of the incident and has vowed to punish the involving parties, so we’re just hoping that this time, it will be different and we will see justice prevail.

Hospitals are spared even during the times of war. Only terrorist organizations such as TTP and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi has attacked hospitals before and these lawyers should also be dealt in the same manner as they destroyed every inch of morality and humility.

The Punjab bar council is still playing blame game in this situation. The spokesperson said that while they condemn the violence, which was done by a handful of lawyers, the doctors and police attacked the lawyers first. They’ve maintained that the lawyers were protesting ‘peacefully’ but the doctors and police attacked them, which led to some lawyers turning to violence. SERIOUSLY MAN?

All those involved can easily be identified through CCTV and other footages but the public is convinced that since its against the lawyers, it is highly unlikely that a judge will pass a sentence against his/her colleagues. I hope that’s not the case but these attackers should pay for their crimes and be dealt in same manner as a terrorist.