Imran Khan’s Nephew, Hassaan Niazi Was Among Violent Lahori Lawyers Who Attacked PIC & Pakistanis Can’t Take It

hassaan niazi
Source: global Village Space

Barrister Hassaan Niazi, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s nephew, was also present outside the Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) on Wednesday during the lawyers’ brutal protest.

The violent protest by the mob of lawyers that ransacked the hospital wards and operation theaters left 12 dead and 25 injured.

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Hassaan Niazi was grievously criticised on Twitter after multiple videos and pictures manifesting his involvement surfaced online.

People couldn’t believe that Hassaan Niazi who describes himself as Human Rights Lawyer/ Activist was part of the dreadful attack on Pakistan Institute of Cardiology.

Twitterati demanded quick action against Imran Khan’s nephew and were anxious to know if he would be charged or not.

There were those who called out Imran Khan for not taking any action against him as yet and for the fact that he is still at large.

This guy cautioned people to not blame Imran Khan for his nephew’s action but criticize the Prime Minister only of if he fails to take any action.

Hassaan Niazi also took to Twitter to give his comment on the situation saying, “… I only stand for peaceful protests. It’s sad day and I condemn my own self for supporting this protest now.”