Citizenship Amendment Bill: Modi’s India Is Shading Muslims – AGAIN!

Citizenship Amendment Bill India
Source: Newsd

Lok Sabha, India’s Lower House of Parliament, has passed the Citizenship Amendment Bill that will grant citizenship to religious minorities from neighbouring countries.

Sounds great, no? Just hang on until you realize the catch!


If you haven’t already guessed, the India Citizenship Amendment Bill doesn’t include Muslim minorities.


It only aims to give citizenship to Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Christians and that too if they can prove that they migrated from Pakistan, Bangladesh or Afghanistan.

Indian government is being criticized ever since the news surfaced. The one thing that India cherishes the most is its “secular constitution” and debarring Muslim minorities is completely at odds with the country’s master narrative.

Prime Minister, Imran Khan, took to Twitter to condemn the bill, calling it “…part of the RSS Hindu Rashtra design of expansionism propagated by the fascist Modi Govt.”

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In response to the Citizenship Amendment Bill, the US government reportedly threatened India with sanctions for failing to list Muslims among ‘persecuted’ minorities.

But Indian Home Minister, who is the one who introduced this law, denied any interference by the US government and defended the bill saying that it is “solely intended to protect those facing persecution.”

The bill still needs to be passed the upper house of the Indian parliament and to the relief of many, BJP lacks majority in Rajya Sabha.

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