History In The Making: Justice Ayesha Malik – The First Woman In 74 Years – Moved To The Ranks Of Supreme Court

Justice Ayesha Malik
Image Source: Dunya News

Justice Ayesha Malik made history when the Judicial Commis­sion of Pakistan (JCP) decided to move her to the ranks of Supreme Court judge. She is the first woman in 74 years to be appointed to such a high position.

Chief Justice of Pakistan, Gulzar Ahmed has summoned a meeting of the Judicial Commission on 9th September to make the announcement official.

It has been declared that Justice Malik is fourth on the seniority list of the Lahore High Court. Once she’s moved to the apex court, she will remain as the Supreme court judge till March 2031.

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In order to move up the ranks, Justice Ayesha Malik needs to fill a vacancy in the Supreme court. However, for now, the ranks are filled with 17 judges. On 17th August, senior puisne judge, Justice Mushir Alam will retire from his position, and that is when Malik will replace his vacancy.

A Little About The History Maker

Justice Malik works as a pro-bono counsel for NGOs that work towards poverty alleviation, microfinance programs, and skill training programs.

From the day she started till now, Malik has worked with Messers Rizvi, Isa, Afridi, and Angell, known as RIAA, initially as a senior associate and then as a partner.

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She has a number of publications under her name including Why Trade in Financial Services: An assessment of the Agreement on Trade in Financial Services under the GATS, the Journal of World Investment, the 12th edition of the Global Report 2004 on the Independence of the Judiciary-Pakistan Chapter and Pakistan Secular Laws.

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