Gruesome Details Emerge In Noor Mukadam Case As The Investigation Continues

Noor Mukadam case
Image Source: Dialogue Pakistan

Bitter and more heart-wrenching details have been emerging in the Noor Mukadam case ever since she was brutally murdered and then beheaded by the alleged killer, Zahir Zakir Jaffer.

According to the latest report prepared by the Punjab Forensic Agency, Mukadam was sexually assaulted and tortured before her murder.

The report confirmed that there were Jaffer’s fingerprints on the murder weapon and even the CCTV footage showed the two of them at the crime scene. The Punjab Forensic Agency has submitted the report to Islamabad police.

The 27-year-old was found murdered at a private residence in F-7/4, a day prior to Eid ul Adha. She was the daughter of the former Pakistani ambassador to Korea.

Zahir Zakir Jaffer, the alleged killer of Noor Mukadam was arrested shortly after the gruesome incident. He has been kept in custody since then.

Ever since her murder, there has been a special investigation in the case, and each development has unveiled something more ghastly and gut-wrenching.

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Feminists and social media users have vehemently condemned the act and have screamed for deceased’s justice and haven’t stopped to date. They are adamant to keep speaking up for the cause till justice is served in the Noor Mukadam case.

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