“I Am Sorry” Jokes Become A Thing After Iffat Omar Apologizes For Getting COVID-19 Vaccine Out Of Turn

Iffat Omar memes
Image Source: Twitter

Pakistani Twitter burst with jokes after actor and TV show host, Iffat Omar wrote an apology for getting the COVID-19 vaccine before her turn at Federal Minister for Housing and Works, Tariq Bashir Cheema’s residence.

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The Noor ul Ain actor confessed that she was wrong and repented for her actions, but netizens being netizens, they turned that into a thing, and now many of them have come up with their own renditions of the apology.

The Twittersphere is talking about how they feel exactly like Iffat Omar once they’re in some rather problematic situations and their jokes are both relatable and hilarious.


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Some real hurt for stepping on their pets.

This one feels sorry after fulfilling her guilty pleasure!

All that screen-time makes a user want to repent.

How the beginning of exams makes one feel sorry for wasting all that precious time; if that ain’t all of us?


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Restaurant food >>>> home food.

Meanwhile a user is apologetic for literally crushing his self-esteem time and time again!

This sounds funny because this is real!

Oh, how one user’s husband feels they are all the same, but is sorry anyway!

iffat omar memes
Image Source: Tiny YouTubers

The Achilles heel of every Pakistani!

That hurt!

People and their hilarious reasons for being sorry!

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