Jawad Ahmad Just Lambasted Hamid Mir On Twitter & There’s More!


In the last few years, Jawad Ahmed has positioned himself as somewhat of a social crusader. From setting up a non-profit, “Taleem For All” and setting up 10 schools in the most marginalized areas of the country to contesting the 2018 elections from the platform of Barabri Party – which he also founded – Ahmad is on a roll to change Pakistan.

That the musician has been extremely critical of the ruling elite is no secret. His entire election campaign was tailored to highlight the wrongs that Pakistan’s political leadership has inflicted on its people and even though, neither Ahmad nor his party could make much of a mark at the polls, he continues to make his voice heard thanks to his huge social media following.

While his followers have become quite accustomed to Jawad Ahmad’s passionate outbursts in which he often criticizes politicians including Prime Minister Imran Khan as well as the Sharif and Bhutto families, in a recent tweet, the singer-turned-politician lambasted senior journalist and anchorperson, Hamid Mir.

In a strongly worded tweet, Jawad Ahmad called out Hamid Mir for not having the courtesy to give mileage to his party prior to the general elections.

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His resentment stemmed from Mir’s recent show of support for protesting citizens who came out in large numbers in Lahore over the weekend to register their reservations on the way public safety and welfare was being handled by the government. 

As you can gauge from the tweet below, Jawad Ahmad found Hamid Mir’s support of the protesters to be hypocritical.


This is of course not the first time that Jawad Ahmad has called out a high-profile Pakistani through the micro-blogging website. In fact his twitter feed is full of angry rants.

A lot of what Jawad Ahmad has to say resonates well with the grievances of an average citizen. However, going by the anger and resentment on his Twitter feed, we worry if the singer is on his way to becoming a mirthless cynic.

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Jawad bhaiyya, no harm in calling a spade a spade but…

Kaddi hans vi leya karo