8 All-Time Favorite Nescafe Basement Songs On A Millenial’s Playlist

Favorite Nescafe Basement Songs
Image Source: Youlin Magazine

After a very long hiatus, Nescafe Basement finally made a rollicking comeback last week with the oh-so-unbelievably-good rendition of Haroon’s Mehbooba. The first episode of season 5 got us all nostalgic and so, we are taking you with us on this walk down the memory lane. Here is a list of 8 of our all-time favorite Nescafe Basement songs without any particular order.

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1. Tu Mera Nahi

Originally sung and covered by Rizwan Anwar, Tu Mera Nahi has the melody that will make you feel vulnerable yet comfortable at the same time. Rizwan’s soothing vocals rein the whole orchestra towards sheer glory and this is why the song sits at the top of our list of favorite Nescafe Basement songs.

2. Pee Jaon


A rendition of Farhan Saeed’s original, Pee Jaon is a percussions soaked number which when gracefully glides into high notes and grows into gripping accord, concluding like waves meet the shore. It’s better than the original for sure!

3. Awari 


An original by all means, Awari is probably Nescafe Basement’s proudest production that was even adapted in a Bollywood movie later. The song paints a very sad picture, the colors of which you will not be able to erase from your memory long after the song lasts.

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Also, Awari has a strong recall value to it which makes it a must on our list of favorite Nescafe Basement songs.

4. Tere Ishq Main

Another beautiful rendition of Alan Faqir and Mohammad Ali Sheikhi’s Tere Ishq Main, the Sufi number uses rustic vocals to give the listeners a sublime experience. The fading climax brings a feeling of closure following a high octane chorus. 

5. Akhiyan Udeek Diyan

A cover of Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s original Qawali, Nescafe Basement’s Ankhiyan Udeek Diyan relies heavily on electric riffs to do justice to the huge sound. Nowhere near the original but a fresh take on Khan Sahab’s one of the most famous works!

6. Kitni Sadiyan

Kitni Sadiyan is a tribute paid by Xulfi and his talented team to Faraz Anwar, one of the legends produced by Pakistan music industry. The nine-minute piece is like a roller coaster ride of melodies that overwhelms your heart into beating faster. I have never heard anything this surreal!

Faraz Anwar’s guitar solo makes these nine minutes totally worth it! 

7. Tum Aik Gorak Dhanda Ho

Sung by the lead singer of Bayan the band, winner of last year’s Pepsi Battle of the Bands, Gorak Dhanda is a rendition of Khan Sahab’s another famous Qawali. A gutsy move but wouldn’t be wrong if we say that the boys pulled it successfully!

8. Tere Jeya Hor Disda

No list of favorite Nescafe Basement songs can be complete without this song. Tere Jeya Hor Disda has ear-worming riffs and percussions pattern that will make it difficult for you to not to play it on repeat. Crisp yet soothing vocals, instrumental jugal-bandi and the finely-calibrated composition make the whole affair breathtaking.  

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