Jahangir Khan Tareen Shocked Over The Allegations Against Him In The Sugar Crisis Report

jahangir tareen sugar crisis
Source: ACE News

In his own words, Jahangir Khan Tareen was left “shocked” at the claims made against him in the sugar crisis report. The report was made public on the directions of PM Imran Khan on Thursday.

PTI leader Jahangir Tareen denied all the allegations in the sugar crisis report and said that he had always run a “clean business.”

According to the report, “Audit Team of JDW (Jahangir Tareen’s) Sugar Mills found some additional information about ‘SATTA’ from interviews as well as forensic analysis of brokers of Punjab.”

The report further read, “During his interview with the Team, broker Mr. Aslam stated that during the month of March 2020, he had executed forward trades of around 11,135 trucks amounting to Rs. 10,292,219,000 with the JDW Company and Ittehad Sugar Mills.”

While declaring the report public, PM’s aide on accountability, Shahzad Akbar stated, “It confirms the premier’s long-held view that businessmen in politics will put business first.”

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Akbar further shared that sugar mills that belonged to Tareen’s group were found guilty of double billing, over-invoicing as well as corporate fraud.

In response to the sugar crisis report, PTI leader Jahangir Tareen resolved to answer every allegation.

In a fiery tweet Tareen wrote, “All Pakistan knows I always pay full price to my growers…I will answer every allegation and be vindicated IA.”

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