Turns Out #ColonelKiBiwi Wala Colonel Also Misbehaved With A Police Officer 2 Years Ago!

colonel police officer

For the past two days, the video of a kernal ki biwi has kept Pakistani social media in frenzy. And now, an old video of the infamous colonel himself, misbehaving with a police officer has also gone viral.

In the one-again-going viral video a man claiming to be a colonel threatens a police officer who had stopped him for violating traffic rules.

As per details, the said video is from two years ago. The alleged colonel is being identified as Lt. Col. Muhammad Farroq Khan. The man in the video is said to be the husband of the woman whose video had gone viral for very similar conduct.

But where the biwi had only resorted to foul language, the colonel took his road rage many notches up by threatening the police officer with a gun!

The officer on duty, however, wasn’t moved much by his threats and continued to perform his duty. The driver then drove off without paying any heed to the officer.

People are calling out the authorities for not taking action when the incident happened the first time.

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However, it is also being reported that Mansehra police has registered a case against the #ColonelKiBiwi. The FIR has been filed on the complaint of Assistant Sub Inspector Aurangzeb.

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