It’s the Second Wedding Anniversary of Ahmad Shahzad and Twitter is Showering Him With Love

Ahmad Shahzad and Sana Ahmad Second Wedding Anniversary

In a country where Twitter trends are almost always hijacked by political parties, it’s refreshing to see something non-political trend.

So, when we saw  among the top 10 trends, we were most pleasantly surprised.

You see, today is cricketer Ahmad Shahzad’s wedding anniversary to Sane Ahmad and Twitter is going overboard with its wishes and love for the couple.

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More than 6,000 tweets with the hashtag  have been sent out since 11:45 p.m. last night and clearly the happy couple is enjoying all the love that they’re receiving from their fans.

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So crazy is the fanfare around this power couple that people are not merely wishing but coming up with photo collages, videos and other creative ways to show their love.

It all started with this tweet from Ahmad Shahzad’s fanclub:

They followed up with this wondrous collage.

Phew! That’s a lot of hard work! I mean, I didn’t even know so many wedding pictures of Ahmad Shahzad were available on Google!

The call by Ahmad Shahzad Fanclub was answered enthusiastically by the fans of the cricketer with all sorts of lovely messages.

There were of course prayers:

There were mushy tweets…

There were deep interpretations of the couple’s wedding photos:

There was cake!

There was also some serious marital advise for the couple.

And this guy went a notch further and made a video to wish the happy couple. So impressed was Sana Ahmad with this gesture, that she responded with a huge “Thank you!”

The fans are undoubtedly proud of the success they’ve achieved with making #2YearsOfAhmana trend, so obviously they are also congratulating each other.

Clearly, Ahmad Shahzad has a HUGE fan following and we’re loving how they’re making it known!

Lots of great wishes from Team Bolo Jawan to the young couple!