Junejo’s Latest Vlog On Girls’ Education Is All You Need To See Today To Get Inspired!

Junejo's Latest Vlog on Girls' Education

Irfan Junejo dropped another masterpiece day before yesterday and this time it’s more than a cinematic wonder. Featuring a school named Sawaboon Academy founded by Aamir Gamaryani in Pabbi – a small town of Nowshera, Junejo’s latest vlog on girls’ education gave us a glimpse into the big dreams of little girls aiming for the stars, quite literally.

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With a vision to educate children in rural Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Gamaryani laid the foundation of Sawaboon Academy to provide free education to the underprivileged students. From that point onwards the number of students enrolled in the academy has only increased. That being said, while talking to Irfan, Gamaryani stressed upon the lack of facilities which hinders efforts such as Sawaboon’s in increasing the literacy rate especially among girls in peripheries. The fact that there are only 722 high-schools for girls in the entire province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the girls’ net enrollment rate in high-schools drastically declines from 51% to 8% in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa speaks volumes about the dismal situation of girls’ education in the region.

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Even if we stop talking about figures of illiteracy and accompanying poverty, one can only feel the sensitivity of the matter once they see into the sparkling eyes of these girls, hungry for knowledge and getting excited at the question of what they want to be when they grow up. No child should be deprived of this basic right to dream and that’s exactly why Junejo’s vlog urging Apni Betiyon Ko Parhao (educate your girl-child) will hit you right in the feels and inspire you to demand at least 12 years of education for our little girls this election year. Here, have a look!

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Using the hashtag Kam se kam 12 jamaten (atleast 12 grades), Junejo’s latest vlog on girls’ education comes as an effort to contribute to Pakistan Youth Change Advocates’ (PYCA) three year long advocacy campaign aiming to empower girl-child through sustained education in Pakistan in general and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in particular.

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Launched on Women’s day this year, the campaign emphasizes that girls should be educated till atleast 12 grades so that they can get a sound understanding of the world around them, stand up for their rights, fight prejudices, pursue their dreams, live a life with dignity and contribute to the country’s development.

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Since then, many activists have come on board to raise the awareness about the issue and demand the basic right of education for girl-child in Pakistan.

If you also believe in this cause and want to play your part, then this election cast your vote only in the favour of those political parties which list girls’ education above all in their manifestos. That’s the least we can do to secure a brighter and safer future for our daughters!

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