In A Major Development, Pakistan Locally Produces “PakVac” COVID Vaccine

Pakistan COVID vaccine
Image Source: Express Tribune

In a breakthrough in the fight against the virus, Pakistan has successfully manufactured its own COVID vaccine; it has been named “PakVac.”


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The single-dose vaccine has been developed in cooperation with the Chinese pharmaceutical firm, Cansino Bio Inc. After clearing rigorous clinical trials, the vaccine will be made available for public use by the end of this month.

Last month, a special plant at the National Institute of Health (NIH) was set up to locally process the vaccine after the raw material was obtained from China.

Now, NIH will be able to produce 3 million doses of PakVac every month. Currently, 124,000 jabs are at hand for use on citizens.

This is an effort to reduce Pakistan’s dependence on other countries for COVID jabs.

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Dr. Faisal Sultan, Special Assistant to Prime Minister on National Health Services, took to Twitter to laud NIH in its endeavors against the novel coronavirus; for successfully developing its own vaccine.

The product has passed the rigorous internal QA testing. An imp step to help in our vaccine supply line, he wrote.

The Pakistan-made COVID vaccine is a great step towards further curbing the positive cases and efficiently vaccinating a large chunk of the population on a priority basis.

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