If You Did 10/15 Of These Things As A Kid Your Childhood Was Awesome

Childhood Quiz
Source: YouTube, Happy Mag, 9GAG & Red tricycle

This fun quiz will bring back all those amazing childhood memories. Your childhood was awesome if you did these things as a kid.

Did you draw the sun on the corner of the page?

Kid Drawing Reddit

Did you try to balance the light switch exactly in the middle?

Balancing Light Switch 9gag

Did you try to mix different things to make magical potions?

Potions Red Tricycle

Did you let glue dry to peel it off?

Peeling Dry Glue YouTube

Did you ran up stairs with both legs and hands.

Bear Crawls Active

Did you pretend to drown by facing head down on a swimming pool?

Fake Drowning YouTube

Did you close a fridge door slowly to see when light turned off?

Closing Fridge Door Crown Round Table

Did you draw the cool "S"?

The SPECIAL S Happy Mag

Did you connect many markers to make a long sword?

Marker Sword Reddit

Did you pick a raindrop on a window to see if it falls the fastest?

Spirit Animal

Did you run out a room as fast as you can after turning the light off?

Running from darkness Stocksy United

Did you pretend to smoke when it was cold outside?

Baby yoda smoking Know Your Meme

Did you try to push down every color at once?

Multi Color Pen Amazon

Did you poke holes on your erasers?

Eraser Hole Meme Reddit

Did you try to connect magnets on the same poles?

Magnet Meme Reddit

If You Did 10/15 Of These Things As A Kid Your Childhood Was Awesome
Your childhood was awesome

Black and white kids image

Your childhood was wonderful. You used your imagination to make everyday tasks appear to be a lot more fun and entertaining than they actually were.
Your childhood was boring


Your childhood was a little dull. Most of your time was probably spent watching TV and eating cotton candy.

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