Answer These Simple Questions To Find Your True Pakistani Celebrity Crush

Pakistani Celebrity Crush
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This simple quiz will reveal your true Pakistani Celebrity Crush, all you hva to do is answer a bunch of easy questions. Good Luck!

What is your favorite color?

Yellow Color
Green Color

What’s your favorite subject?

School Subjects The Conversation

How would your friends describe you?

How would you friends describe you Pinterest

What’s your favorite way to spend time?

Hourglass (Time) Image by Eduin Escobar from Pixabay

If you could go on a holiday right now, where would it be?

Italy View
London - England
Perth - Australia

What type of person are you at parties?

Parties in Islamabad Facebook

What do you do first in the morning?

Early Bird Elegant Themes

Which animal do you like most?

Cute Dog/ Puppy
Cute Cat/ Kitten

What is your favorite Pakistani Dish?

Tell Us A Bunch Of Random Things About Yourself And We'll Guess What Your Favorite Dish Is
Chicken Karahi
Pakistani Foods That Are Pure Cancer

Finally, what's your zodiac sign element?

Zodiac Sign Elements The Cut

Answer These Simple Questions To Find Your True Pakistani Celebrity Crush
Mahira Khan

mahira khan quiz

Your celebrity crush is Mahira Khan. It's probably the reigning queen's confidence and gorgeous looks that caught your attention. If you let her, we bet she can transform you to the best version of yourself but are you sure you can handle her?
Fawad Khan

Your celebrity crush is Fawad Khan! Like you, he's a shy, reserved but very creative person. Your personality matches with his to perfection!
Iqra Aziz

Iqra Aziz

Your celebrity crush is Iqra Aziz! You probably adore her for her bubbly energy and down-to-earth outlook! She'd be a perfect match for you.
Imran Abbas

Your celebrity crush is Imran Abbas. He's a simple and dependable person who will spend the rest of his life making you feel loved.

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