Homeschooling: A Better And Safer Way To Educate Your Child?

Homeschooling Traditional Schooling

What is Homeschooling?

Homeschooling is basically known as home education, in which children get their education by their parents, guardian, tutor or by an online teacher at home rather than sending them to a private school or public school.

In 2008, a survey of 11,739 was conducted, in which the homeschooled students scored 37 percentile points above traditional schooling students on standardized achievement tests.


Homeschooling is a term commonly used in the US. Many people believe that there is a rise in homeschoolers due to the rise of internet, which makes people to obtain more information more quickly. Most of the parents want their children to learn in a more informative way and quickly at home. During the COVID-19, many students are studying from home in the form of distance education rather than traditional homeschooling.



There are many reasons for homeschooling, such as:

1. Parents are more concerned about the environment of the school, that’s why they prefer homeschooling for their children.


2. Most of the parents want their children to learn more religious or moral education at home other than at school.

3. Some parents see better educational opportunities for their children in homeschooling.

4. Health related issues play a vital role in why children cannot attend school.

5. Parents can closely monitor their children’s learning and personal relationships.

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Public and private schools both provide for many students a safe environment in which they are both regarded and respected independently and individually, here are some of the reasons homeschooling is harmful than traditional schooling:

1. First of all, children who are homeschooled have poor social skills.

2. Homeschooled children can easily be manipulated when there is no influence or surveillance.

3. Few parents might have no patience or maybe too overbearing and impatient which may make the child behave negatively.

4. Due to homeschooling children may lack social contact at home. And end up losing confidence, patience and motivation to do better.


It is good how parents rearranged the norm of “good parenting,” the amount of good quality time families spend together. Parents are sacrificing their time to educate their children themselves. In homeschooling children don’t have to learn the same thing in a same way as in private or public school. Children seek an education that is not based on minimum standards. It is useful alternative because it provide meaningful learning, it prioritizes a child’s mental, emotional and physical health. While on other hand it can be very stressful.

However, homeschooling is not for every parent and parent. It needs time, information, ability to teach and dedication. It requires a large amount of money on books and other learning.


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