Hockey for Peace – Reviving Hope!

Hockey for peace

There was a time when Pakistan used to rule the world of hockey. It is our national game however, with the passage of time we have lost our winning streak as well as the general public’s interest in the game.

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In an effort to revive the glorious game of hockey in Pakistan students of National Defense University (NDU) launched an exceptional campaign titled, Hockey for Peace.

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To evoke enthusiasm among the youth regarding the game; awareness and orientation sessions were organized in the educational institutions as well as the hockey clubs of the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. As the campaign gained momentum former Olympians and seasoned bureaucrats also became a part of it.

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While this initiative was led by the young university students, it was sponsored by Pakistan Youth Change Advocates (PYCA).

Kashif Zaheer Kamboh, the chief organizer while talking about Hockey for Peace explained, “The purpose of this activity was twofold. On one hand PYCA wanted to support healthy activities among young people and on the other hand it wanted to use sports as a tool to propagate the message of peace and tolerance in the country.”