You Might Think That We’re Hallucinating But Kashif Khan Is The New Prime Minister Of TikTok

funny tiktok prime minister kashif khan

While you may think that TikTok is a cringefest then you have been missing out and haven’t yet come across the actual creatively funny content that the app has to offer.

Now, I bet it’s just the TikTokers who can produce such content and Instagrammers or Twitterati might take it as a challenge but you’ll never reach the mark so just sit down!


And now here’s the big thing!

Desi TikTok has a Prime Minister named Kashif Khan who just took the oath and no we’re not hallucinating!


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And from now on there will be no injustice on TikTok, no matter what!

Oh, and very much like our Prime Minister Imran Khan, TikTok PM also seems very inspired by Dirilis: Ertugrul.

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Now, you don’t have to look up to Imran Khan if your followers are stuck or you’re not trending, just reach out to Kashif Khan for all your TikTok problems!

Good hogya? Good hogya!

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