These 11 Pakistani Tweets Lamenting Sectarianism This Muharram Will Resonate

muharram sectarianism
Source: The National

The rise of sectarian hate speech during Muharram is unfortunately nothing new in Pakistan. But what is even more frustrating is the fact that despite years of violence and unrest between the sunni and shia communities vile elements on both sides continue to fan hate and their gullible followers continue to pass it forward!

The hate speech on social media was especially heart-breaking this Ashura with scores of sunnis and shias – mostly impressionable youth – flooding the TLs with unspeakable profanities.

And because sectarian hate was so loud and so incredibly obscene this year, it forced many Pakistanis to call out the hypocrisy!

1. If you call yourself a Muslim and then go on to abuse people of different sects, then yes, you really need to learn from the teachings of your religion.

2. Weigh your words very, very carefully…

3. Fun triavia: Quaid-e-Azam was shia, Iqbal was sunni and they were great friends!

4. Sectarianism hurts Pakistan and what hurts us cannot save us!

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5. The threat is real. Be part of the solution, not the problem.

6. Hate is always primitive.

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7. If you’re a parent, this message is specifically for you!

8. Repeat after me: “We are not complete jerks. We can and we will peacefully co-exist.”

9. May Allah guide us, indeed…

10. “My God is your God,” is what we all need to keep in mind!

11. Whether you’re shia or sunni, I love you indiscriminately!

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