Hania Aamir Pulled Off An Engagement Prank & People Are Like Yeh Kia Tha?

Hania Aamir prank
Image Source: Instagram

It was April Fools’ Day yesterday and while making use of the occasion, Hania Aamir decided to pull off a prank.

Taking to her Instagram story, the Ishqiya actor posted a picture of her hand with a ring on it. The picture also had a date written on it, following a ring emoji (only to state the obvious) to announce that she’s engaged.

Hania Aamir prank
Image Source: Instagram

To take the prank one step further, she re-shared her friends’ Instagram stories, in which they had congratulated her, to thank them in return.

Hania thanking her friends
Image Source: Instagram
Zainab Abbas congratulating Hania
Image Source: Instagram

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To get everyone a little more invested in her practical joke, she shared her producer friend Umer Mukhtar’s story, who had congratulated her and singer Shamoon Ismail, and the singer followed suit.

Hania Aamir engagement
Image Source: Instagram
Hania Aamir engagement
Image Source: Instagram

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At this point, some of her fans must have bought it, but later in the day, Hania Aamir revealed how this was all an April fools’ prank, and the Twitter fraternity got batshit confused…

Image Source: meme creator

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Some of them just couldn’t handle her “comedic skills.”


While others thought this was probably one of the worst pranks ever.


Others knew it all along…


Looking at their poker faces, one can say that even Aamir’s friends weren’t really appreciative of her oh-so-obvious prank!


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