Father Of Paedophile, Sohail Ayaz Lashes Out At The Police For Arresting His Son

Paedophile, Sohail Ayaz

Father of notorious paedophile, Sohail Ayaz has come forward in support of his son. While Ayaz has confessed to sexually abusing 30 children in Pakistan and uploading their videos to the dark web, his father is upset with the police for issuing pictures of his son to the media rather than keeping his identity concealed.

“They should have treated this like a normal case rather than creating such a big deal about it.”

-Sohail Ayaz’ father

In a video that came out yesterday, Ayaz’s father is seen talking to the reporters reinforcing his family’s high-profile links and criticizing the police for sharing his son’s pictures and confessional video with the media.

He mentioned that his family has many army officers and other high profile links, perhaps trying to imply that he would use the beradri’s (extended family’s) influence to have his son acquitted from the heinous crime.

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That Sohail Ayaz is a registered Paedophile in UK is entirely ignored by his father

Ayaz’s father dismissed the confession given by his son as baseless. “What is the value of this confession? Hand me a police officer and by morning I will make him confess that he has molested children.”

He appears to be concerned about the shame that Ayaz’s arrest has brought to his family’s name while completely ignoring the fact that his son was deported from UK after being jailed for four years owing to a series of similar crimes.

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At the same time it is also ironic how Sohail Ayaz’s father is concerned about the shame brought onto his son and his family following the arrest and consequent press conference by the police but does not have a single word of compassion to offer to the survivors and their families.

Faisal Rana, City Police Officer, confirmed they are in contact with the survivor’s family and if they don’t file a case because of any social pressure them police will become the claimant in the case.