Actor Farhan Ali Agha Joins PTI And Youthias Are Loving It

Farhan Ali Agha PTI
Image source: Twitter

Renowned actor Farhan Ali Agha has officially joined PTI. While addressing a press conference on Monday in Karachi, the actor confirmed his joining. Adding that he is pleased to join PTI and is loving the welcoming gesture from the party.

Suno Chanda actor shared,

I’ve had the spirit of working for society’s welfare, and I thought by joining PTI’s platform and politics I can contribute for Pakistan and Pakistanis in a better way.

As the actor made this announcement Youthias went crazy pouring love and felicitations for him.


90s actor also shared while addressing the press conference,

It is need of the hour that honest people come forward and be a part of the movement so that PM Imran Khan’s vision and Quaid-e-Azam’s dream can be fulfilled.

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Oh the love

Throws confetti


So much love for the actor

Welcome jee Welcome!

People placing their trust in the actor

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Haha, loving the comparison between good looking and patriotism


Looks like the team has exceeded the limit of eleven. Pun intended.

Farhan Ali Agha has officially joined PTI, if you didn’t know already.

People are having their fun with it. On the other hand, they do look alike, ha ha


Let’s see how this fares out.

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