Maryam Nawaz Compared Former Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi’s Death In Police Custody To Nawaz Sharif’s Situation & People Had All Sorts Of Reactions


Former Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi’s death owing to a heart attack during the proceedings of his trial have left the entire world in shock.

Morsi had come into power as Egypt’s first elected President following the 2010 Arab Spring upheaval that had put an end to Hosni Mubarak’s thirty-year rule.

As fate would have it, Morsi, after being elected in 2012 was ousted from office as a result of a military coup. Under three separate trials, he was accused of torture of anti-government protesters, leaking state secrets and backing outlawed groups.

On Monday, Morsi was in court in connection with the espionage charges against him. He collapsed shortly after addressing the court through a sound proof glass room. Morsi was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Representatives of human rights watchdogs were quick to hold the current Egyptian government responsible for his untimely death, stating that the late former President had been denied adequate medical care that led to his deteriorating health.

Soon after Mohammad Morsi’s death messages of condolence began flooding the internet.

Pakistani politicians too, stepped forward to comment on the passing away of the late Egyptian leader.

However, it was Maryam Nawaz’s tweet that seemed to stand out from the condolences of the rest of the Pakistani leaders.

She drew an explicit parallel between the death of Mohammad Morsi and the condition in which allegedly her own father – jailed (former) Prime Minister – Nawaz Sharif is being kept.

Interestingly, Maryam’s charged tweet met with both support and flak.

Non-supporters made it vividly clear in extremely harsh words that they had no sympathy for Maryam’s allegedly ailing father.

On the other hand, PML-N supporters came forward with prayers and good wishes for Maryam Nawaz and her family.

Entirely divorced from the debate of who-wronged-who our take on Maryam’s tweet and the reactions that followed is quite simple:

In our hurry to sound patriotic we should never lose sight of kindness. It is unnecessary to wish death on someone’s father to her face, even if the father is the worst criminal to have ever walked the Earth.

So, the next time you’re about to troll someone – anyone – just take a fraction of a second to ask yourself this 👇

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