Pepsi B.O.B Famed Dhool Hits It Out Of The Park With Qalandar & OMG, We’re Blown Away!

Image Source: Dhool's FB Page

After almost a week of wait, Dhool finally released their first official video, Qalandar, this past weekend. Now that the video is here, we know why the band couldn’t stop talking about it.

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Whether it’s the video or the track itself, everything screams perfection and proves that the Sufi Rock band is here to stay!

Here’s why we are playing Dhool’s Qalandar on repeat and you should too!

Nostalgic, Old School & Simple…

For a generation that has grown on music videos of bands, Dhool’s Qalandar brings nostalgia to the table with its gray-scale visuals, no shenanigans and no girl-boy plot to romanticize the number forcefully.

Rather the video has been kept old-school with Dhool performing the song in it; exactly like how it used to be back in our days!

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For the Love of Originals!

In a world of renditions and remakes, it is always more convenient to not to take a risk as big as debuting with an original track. Dhool’s conscious efforts to break this norm deserve accolades.

Every element of Qalandar’s composition is purely crafted by the band itself, giving us a new gem to cherish!

For the Love of Sufi Rock!

Surprisingly, the genre of Sufi Rock enjoys a gigantic fan-base in Pakistan. However, there are only handful of artists and bands producing Sufi rock music in Pakistan.

Given this, Qalandar has not only set Dhool’s distinct sound as a band but has also introduced another big actor in the world of Sufi Rock in Pakistan.

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While we understand that a single band cannot fill the big void created following the collapse of band culture in Pakistan, we do hope that Dhool’s music will encourage other Sufi Rock artists to come forward with their pieces of art.

After listening to Dhool’s Qalandar, it is safe to say that we might be looking at Generation Z’s Junoon right now!

You don’t believe us? See for yourself then!