MDCAT 2020: Students Continue To Protest As Exams Are Yet To Be Delayed

Image Source: DAWN

Medical and Dental aspirants are enraged after PMC announces 29th November as the Examination date for MDCAT. Federal Minister for education announced closure of all educational institutions on Monday, cancelling all the exams but there’s no news regarding delay in MDCAT.

Students took to Twitter to raise their concerns regarding the surge in COVID cases and how this entry test could risk their lives. Approximately 150,000 students will appear for the admission test. Parents and students are both concerned about their lives, and how it could put their futures at stake.

Parents and aspirants are pleading that it is not safe to gather large crowds of students at the examination centers amid the second lethal spell of COVID-19.

Delay MDCAT Trends On Twitter In Pakistan Today

After the Federal Minister for Education announced the closure of on-campus education and all examinations, medical aspirants were left in limbo as there was no news of delay in MDCAT (Medical and Dental Admission Tests) exam.

Aspirants are requesting are the concerned authorities to look into this matter and do something about it.

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Bringing up scenes from last year- students are appealing that it is impossible to follow SOPs- when we talk about exams being held at National level. Considering the lack of implementation of laws at a mass level, it is highly possible that no required procedures will be followed to take the examination.

Pleading that we’re only as vulnerable as others, students are demanding a delay in MDCAT.

People with their parents in the same professional field are coming to their support and joining the bandwagon of following the trending hashtag. And students are overjoyed by their support.

Actor and singer Ali Zafar has also come out to their support.

People are comparing how government is considering to put a ban on PDM rallies but is hesitant to postpone the medical and dental exams

The pressure is building up for students. They are distressed that if there’s no delay in the tests, they might have to appear for them sick if God forbid they catch the virus. And this will only worsen the situation.

Virtual protests are going strong and students are trying their best to not let the trend die till the final verdict is out.

Let’s see how the story unfolds. Do let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.