Cricket Fans Use Memes As A Coping Mechanism After Pakistan’s Disappointing Performance In CWC 2019

Pakistan's Disappointing Performance In CWC 2019
Image source: NDTV

Cricket fans in the country are once again in shreds after Pakistan’s disappointing performance in CWC 2019 and as usual, the poor souls have resorted to meme-making as a mean to express their grief. Pakistani nation seems to be divided in two halves since the onset of the contest – the ones who expect the team to win and the ones who pretend to be cynics but deep down are always rooting for the boys in green.

Both these halves were slapped back into reality when Pakistan’s disappointing performance in CWC 2019 yesterday brought down the batting line like a house of cards. From that point onward, Pakistanis have been using memes to hind the pain and its evident. See for yourself!

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Pakistanis remain doubtful of the team’s performance following yesterday’s defeat. That said, we must not forget that its just a game and winning and losing is all a part of it. All we can do is hope and pray for our boys to do well in the next match and so, we should!

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Pakistan Zindabad!!!