COVID19: 5 Conspiracy Theories That You Shouldn’t Pay Any Attention To

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Anything unusual that happens paves way for conspiracy theories and COVID19 is no exception. With the pandemic gaining strength in Pakistan, so are all sorts of conspiracy theories.

We’re listing the 5 most viral conspiracy theories with the hope that after reading this article you will realize why they’re pure BS and continue to follow COVID19 protocols.

1. Everybody who gets themselves tested is declared COVID19 positive by the hospitals.

This theory has been going strong for almost a month now.

People who’re passing this on as “authentic information” believe that everybody who gets tested is ultimately pronounced COVID19 positive because “…goverment ko number puray karnay hain.”

For the love of God, guys, this is NOT true!

There are some cases in which the patient does not feel any symptoms yet is a carrier of the deadly virus. This only means that you’re asymptomatic and might develop the symptoms later OR even recover before any physical sign is evident.

Being asymptomatic is a real thing, not a conspiracy by the government to accumulate numbers!

Source: University of Delaware

2. You’ll be quarantined with a coronavirus patient even if your test result is negative.

The truth is that no one is being quarantined forcefully, not even if your test results are positive. To begin with, hospitals are running out of capacity to treat patients even in critical condition. So, there is no chance that you’ll be forcefully kept with a coronavirus patient if you’re negative.

And just to be explicitly clear, negative patients were NEVER being taken to government quarantine centers; that my friends was NEVER a thing!

Source: Propublica

3. WHO is paying money to the hospitals against the number of positive coronavirus patients.

Tbh, this one is the most absurd conspiracy theory to date. Economies around the world are crashing or are on the verge collapse. Everyday, the number of cases being reported is increasing exponentially.

With US having pulled its support to the WHO and most of Europe struggling to meet its end of the bargain, where on Earth would WHO get the money to just squander around?

Alternatively, even if WHO did have those sort of funds, it wouldn’t just give them away for fun’s sake, no?

money dollars WHO
Source: MIT Technology Review

4. Dead bodies are being exported for scientific experiments.

O dear Lord! This one is just dastardly!

Well, as soon as the coronavirus protocols are completed, the dead body is handed over to the family of the deceased. It just takes a little more time than usual to complete these protocols. Moreover, air spaces aren’t available for flights all the time these days. So, how can that even be possible?!

coronavirus dead bodies
Source: ICRC

5. It is a foreign ploy to keep Muslims from going to mosques.

If for one moment we consider this to be true then think why has it affected people all over the world and not just Muslim countries? Yeah, that’s the answer!

Also, not just Muslims but people of all the other faiths haven’t been able to go to their fanes. Why aren’t they congregating? Huh?

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