Coronavirus: Follow These 7 Precautionary Measures To Protect Yourself

coronavirus precautionary measures
Source: Gulf Today

The deadly coronavirus that originated from China has created panic all across the globe as it has travelled to several other countries.

Pakistan is at a high risk of being affected by the deadly coronavirus since five suspected cases have surfaced in the country.

The coronavirus, now officially dubbed as “2019 novel coronavirus” (2019-nCoV), has left at least 106 people dead in China.

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Following are 7 precautionary measures to keep yourself protected from the coronavirus outbreak.

1. Avoid physical contact with people who show even slight symptoms of flu, cough and fever.

2. Wash your hands frequently.


3. Increase your intake of fluids.


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4. Cover your mouth and nose by wearing a mask.


5. Cook your food (especially eggs and meat) properly.

6. Make sure that your kids are vaccinated against pneumonia.

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7. Wear a surgical mask if your doctor suspects you might have the coronavirus.

Source: The Hill

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