#Churails: 8 Tweets That Will Make You Go, “Legit!”

Source: Geo.tv

Cake director, Asim Abbasi is back with yet another quirky production, Churails, that has been ruling the internet ever since its trailer was dropped a few days ago.

It is a web-series with 10 episodes in the first season releasing on August 11 and will be available on the Indian web channel, Zee5.

Churails features Sarwat Gillani, Nimra Bucha, Yasra Rizvi and Meher Bano in the lead roles. We also get glimpses of Sania Saeed, Adnan Malik and Hina Bayat in the trailer.

The trailer has been a hit and has everybody talking because of its bold and fiery content on social media!

Okay, don’t feel embarrassed if you thought that Churails was trending because of some paranormal activity.

Because you’re not the only one!

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Well, we all know wouldn’t have been permitted to on-air in any case in Pakistan!

Remember, what Sarmad Khoosat had to go through to get Zindagi Tamasha approved?!

Because these days, all we want is Halime and Ertugrul!

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It’s good that people don’t forget the founder of the nation in any debate!

Only that he never said anything about the entertainment industry. Or did he? πŸ€”

It certainly has hit the nerves of of the ghairat brigade with its uncensored dialogues.

Or maybe it’s just the name that scared them?!

The content level is infinite!

And to rest the case about its content, we’ll let Anurag Kahsyap say it!

Here’s the trailer,if you haven’t watched yet!