Canadian Entrepreneurs Develop Sniffly – Order Recovery Program To Help COVID Patients Smell Again

sniffly canadian entrepreneurs
Image Source: Opera news/ctv news

Two Canadian entrepreneurs have developed Sniffly – a rehab program that helps COVID patients, especially the long-haulers regain their sense of smell. Losing the sense is one of the post-covid symptoms and one that is pretty frustrating. So, these two Canadian men have found a way back to normalcy for all the affectees.


Sniffly’s founders, Bobby Rasouli and Armin Faraji launched the program’s training phase in early July and since then, they’ve got over 1,000 registrations through doctors and referrals.

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The two of them suffered from a loss of sense of smell after they tested positive for COVID-19 last year.

It was a really rough experience for me,” Rasouli told on Thursday. “When I started looking into it and did research about it, I realized that there are options and there are things that can be done at home, therapeutically.


While doing his research in this regard, Rasouli came across smell therapy, so he decided to give it a try. Soon after, he noticed effective results.

My sense of smell and taste slowly started coming back about a month after my COVID infection, but then using the smell therapy, I was actually able to be at 100 percent at maybe three weeks afterward, Rasouli said.

Rasouli, who is a medical graduate, joined hands with Faraji, who is a marketing specialist with experience in creating online courses. They worked together to create Sniffly to pass on their knowledge on smell training with the general public.

We just realized that we could basically take some of the learnings we’ve gathered from the medical research that Bob’s done and the journals that he’s viewed, and actually apply it to creating a virtual program that anyone can access, Faraji told

How the program works

Sniffly is an online training program that has 17 free, online videos. In those videos, Rasouli explains the mechanism and science behind smell training.

The training involves smelling four different types of essential oils – rose, eucalyptus, lemon, and cloves. The program requires participants to smell each essential oil for five seconds for a set of three times and to repeat the process twice a day.

Rasouli and Faraji explain that it is a slow process, and can take up to three to six months for people to notice a change. They also informed digital publications that participants told them about improvements from smell training.

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