Asad Umar Compares Deaths Due To COVID19 In India And Pakistan & People Are Losing It!

asad umar COVID19
Source: Global Space Village

During a media briefing on Sunday, Asad Umar urged people to take precautions as the COVID19 tally could reach one million at the end of July.

However, what got Asad Umar in real trouble was the tweet in which he compared the death stats relating to COVID19 in India and Pakistan.

In a tweet, Asad Umar shared a comparison of COVID19 deaths in the past two months between the two neighboring countries.

The government has been receiving a lot of criticism recently because of its COVID19 policy. So perhaps, this was an effort to imply how the situation is “better” in Pakistan.

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Now because India has a much bigger population than Pakistan; the comparison made no sense whatsoever!

People couldn’t believe that the Minister for Planning, Development and Special Initiatives set India and Pakistan side by side in this situation.

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And obviously, people haven’t forgotten when Asad Umar compared deaths due to coronavirus with traffic accidents.

Twitterati instead demanded an appropriate plan from the government to control the deadly virus.

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