Everything You Need To Know About the Anti-Rape Ordinance Approved By President Arif Alvi

Anti-rape ordinance
Source: AlJazeera/Ary

Pakistan’s new Anti-Rape Ordinance has been approved by President Dr. Arif Alvi to fast-track cases of sexual violence against women and children.

The new regulations came after a recent spike in cases of sexual assault, drawing nationwide condemnation and demands for public hanging of the rapist.

In a series of tweets on Tuesday, President of Pakistan Arif Alvi gave details about the ordinance.

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Key Features of the Anti-Rape Ordinance

Special courts are to be made in Pakistan to accelerate the trial of rape cases. It requires the courts to conclude rape cases within four months.

Creation of anti-rape crisis cells to be headed by concerned commissioners/deputy commissioners, who will also ensure prompt registration of the first information report (FIR), medical examination and forensic analysis within six hours of the incident. The prime minister himself will look over the establishment of these cells.

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A countrywide registry of sexual offenders would also be established with the help of the National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra).

With a public reporting mechanism in place, it will prohibit the identification of rape victims and make it a punishable offense.  


Police and government officials who show negligence in investigating the cases will be jailed for three years along with the imposition of fines.

Additionally, police and government officials who provide false information will be punished.


This will also allow the use of modern devices during investigation and trial


While the provision of legal assistance to the victims through the Legal Aid and Justice Authority would be ensured, the trials would be in-camera in future and protection for the victim and witnesses would also be ensured.

The ordinance will also bring an end to the cross-examination of a rape victim by the accused

Thereby only allowing the judge and the accused’s counsel to cross-examine the victim. Moreover, the law abolishes the inhumane and degrading two-finger virginity testing for rape victims during medico-legal examination and eliminates any attachment of probative value to it.

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In addition to rape, the offence of gang-rape has also been

considered to be addressed; while in respect of first or repeated offenders, the concept of chemical castration has also been introduced mainly as a form of rehabilitation, and subject to consent.


Meanwhile, under the Pakistan Penal Code (Amendment) Ordinance, a substitution of the existing Section 375 of the PPC has been proposed with a new provision so as to provide a new definition of “rape”, which would extend to females of all ages and male victims under the age of 18 years.


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